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Work History: Ernie Moore Jr.

Ernie Moore Jr.

Work Experience
Period 12/18/2009 - Present
Employer Marketing & Research Resources
Job Title Telephone Surveyor
Work Location Frederick, MD
Responsibilities Conduct computer assisted survevys. Record answers accurately.  Read verbatim.  Convert refusals.
Period 06/12/1997 - 08/30/1997
Employer Morgan Keller
Job Title Laborer
Work Location Frederick, MD
Responsibilities Over-see contractors on the worksite.  Assist the carpentry crew.  Use small power tools--small and regular jackhammer.  Clean and keep worksite picked-up, interior and exterior.  Use vacuum cleaner, brooms, weed whacker.
Period 08/27/1994 - 12/04/1999
Employer Marketing & Research Resources
Job Title Telephone Surveyor
Work Location Frederick, MD
Responsibilities Dial-out call center (automated)  Field cold calls to do a survey over the telephone.  Survey lengths from one minute to twenty seven minutes.  Calls to businesses.  Calls to residences. Communicated with various demographics over the United States of America.  Record responses via computer. Grab a respondent's attention with a greeting.  Acquire the respondent's interest.
Period 06/28/1988 - 08/30/1988
Employer Y.M.C.A. -Edgewater, Maryland
Job Title Counselor
Work Location Edgewater, MD
Responsibilities Lead an assigned group of ten to twelve year olds--eight to ten children, through a scheduled day.  Teach archery.  Teach drama.  Instructing eight year olds to seventeen year olds.  Observing that safety is practiced, day and night at the campgrounds.  Constructing and applying a lesson plan for drama and archery.  Practice and be observant of any violations of water safety.  Structure daily activities for my tent (eight to ten children)--assigned group.  Help each child develop by the requested guidelines the parents made.
Period 08/04/1987 - 08/23/1987
Employer F.E.M.A.(Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Job Title Interviewer
Work Location Washington, DC
Responsibilities Receive calls from callers Who had been in an area declare State of National Emergency-Flood.♦ Record responses addressing form sections ♦ Submit form for processing ♦ Filling out forms for flood victims to get aid.
Period 05/21/1987 - 05/12/1989
Employer University of the District of Columbia
Job Title Aide
Work Location Washington, DC
Responsibilities Modem log * Proofread * Roll cable * Study the academic computer system * Wire a building floor for installation of computer room for University use. (assisted)
Period 06/04/1986 - 07/04/1986
Employer C.I.S.P.E.S. (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
Job Title Collections (donations)
Work Location Washington, DC
Responsibilities Cold call from a list. Record donations.I get at the beginning of the evening.  ♦  Disceminate information.  ♦  Note / record donation pledges to the organization from my talk with people who become patrons.


Certification Volunteer Tutor ABE ESL
Institution Literacy Volunteers of the Eastern Panhandle
State/ Country WV
Expiration Date 12/24/2088
Certification Ambassador of the United Sates of America to Mexico (alternate)
Institution University of the District of Columbia
State/ Country DC
Expiration Date 09/23/1990


Date Completed 06/23/1992
Degree attempt  Assoc/Bach
Institution University of the District of Columbia
Location Washington, DC
Major Marine Science - 88 credits
Minor Environmental Science - 88 credits


Skills, Qualifications, and Achievements
Skill Title Finger Spelling
Description Using the hand to convey letters of the English alphabet.
Experience 4 Months
Skill Title American Sign Language (Beginner)                                                                Communicating with the deaf or hearing impaired using standardized vocabulary conveyed with hand formation and positionings. 
Experience: 4 Months
Skill Title Proofreader/Copy Marker
Notice errors--typos, in University(UDC) academic mainframe computer manual as it is being created.  Working with and reporting directly to the writers--Rob Jones and higest level staff for the accademic side of the Computer Center.  Using provided software, develop/create a quiz based on the material from the manual.
Experience: 3 Months
Skill Title eBay! Entrepreneur
Marketing. Buying. Selling.  Designing database/webpage for appeal to buyers--eBay!-online auction service.  100% positive feedback.
Experience: 5 Years
Skill Title Software: Microsoft Excel
A general knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
Experience: 4 Years
Skill Title Web Access
Accessing the www, to compare pricing, research subjects, find information.
Experience: 7 Years
Skill Title Software: Microsoft Word
A general knowledge of Microsoft Word.
Experience: 6 Years

 Skill Title Tutor:

Tutoring English as a Second Language. Adult Basic Education tutor.  Specializing in ESL. Experience: 2 years 

Same Language Interpter

Clarifying distinctions in same language talks--dialect,terminology, hearing difficulties.

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