Ernie Moore Jr.--Career Seeker

Employment Locations

Ernie Moore Jr. is looking for work in Frederick, MD or Charles Town/Ranson, WV, Martinsburg/Hagerstown, MD areas.


    Worked Office, Warehouse, and Construction.  Much of my experience is from

    repeated temporary agency work over the years.

    Done undergraduate work at a University. 

    Chosen as an alternate to be an Ambassador to Mexico for the United States of America.

    Competantly operated a 2,500 lb  limit electrical forklift.

    Used one or another text software applications for more than ten years.

    Brought a pharmaceutical warehouse from Fail to Good, within three weeks.

    Assist tutored two groups of adults in English as a Second Language.

    Has a beginning/basic working knowledge of American Sign Language and Siglish.


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